touchHLE application database privacy policy

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The touchHLE application database is part of the touchHLE project. The touchHLE project is not an organisation, but rather a loose collective of different contributors. The database in particular is operated by a single individual residing in Sweden: hikari_no_yume. For enquiries related to privacy or data protection, please email If your enquiry is unrelated to these topics, it will not be responded to.

This database is hosted on a server located in The Netherlands.

Data collected when browsing the database

When you access any page of this website, your web browser transmits the following information to the server:

Together with information about which pages were accessed and any errors that occurred during that access, this information is stored temporarily (no longer than a month) for the following purposes:

Data collected when contributing

This database is a public, collaborative effort. By submitting a contribution, you are choosing to make it public. As such, it is your responsibility not to include personal data in your contribution which you do not wish to be public.

This database requires you to sign in with your GitHub account in order to contribute. Signing in is used to attribute your contributions to you:

When you sign in with GitHub, only the following information will be collected:

If you do not make any contributions, then this information is only stored for as long as you remain signed in, plus a short period of time after this while it awaits deletion (no longer than a month). If you do make a contribution, then your GitHub username and GitHub account ID number will be stored in the database, and your GitHub username will be publicly displayed alongside your contributions. If all of your contributions are deleted, then your GitHub username and account ID number are removed from the database.

If you have changed your GitHub username, signing in will update the publicly displayed username on your past contributions.

A cookie will be set when you sign in. This cookie is only used for the attribution described above.

Please note that signing in with GitHub also involves the processing of your data by GitHub, which has a separate privacy policy.